Maintaining the elegance and quality of your braids requires proper care. If you follow these aftercare instructions, your braids can last up to a week:

  • Refrain from wetting your hair or washing it whilst the braids are in. This will cause the gel to be removed and may make the hair messy and frizzy.
  • To help keep your braids neat for a longer period, consider wearing a silk pillowcase when you sleep. This reduces friction, thereby preventing frizziness and tangling of the braids.

How to Safely Remove Your Braids:

Removing your braids requires careful attention to ensure your natural hair isn’t damaged. Follow these steps:

  • Snip the little elastic band at the end of the braids.
  • If you have used hair extensions that are longer than your natural hair, trim the extensions down to your hair length.
  • Gently remove the hair extensions. Do not pull on the extensions as this can lead to hair breakage or scalp damage.
  • Once all the hair extensions are removed, dispose of them in the bin.
  • Before proceeding to wash your hair, ensure you brush through it thoroughly.
  • This will help remove any residual tangles. Do not wash your hair without brushing it first.
  • Finally, wash your hair using a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Brushing through your hair as you rinse can also help dislodge any residual hair product.

Remember, treating your hair with care during the braiding, maintenance, and removal process is essential to maintaining its health and beauty.